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April 20, 2022Council Highlights – April 19th, 2022 COTW Meeting & Public Hearing

Watch the April 19th, 2022 Committee of the Whole Meeting and Public Hearing
Council Meeting Video

Committee Meeting Minutes For Information

Housing Committee Meeting Minutes
Council asked the Chair of the Housing Committee if they have discussed bringing a developer in to review some areas in Vanderhoof, and the Chair mentioned municipal properties along the Northside that had the potential for development. The Chair also talked about the possibility of having a Request for Proposal process to aid in the speed of development.

Tourism Committee Meeting Minutes
Council received and reviewed the meeting minutes from the March 2nd Tourism Committee Meeting.

Governance and Priorities

2022 Union of British Columbia Municipalities Conference
Council expressed their interest in attending the UBCM Conference in person. Council discussed the options for funding/ operation with developing a Foundry in Vanderhoof. Council also expressed the need for time to determine topics for discussion with Ministers and the priority of which Ministers they would like to meet with.

2.6 Arena Policy and Arena Fees Bylaw 1241, 2022
Council asked about the current storage space at the Arena, and staff spoke about the storage space used by user groups and that user groups only bring what is necessary for storage. Council asked if there would be complications with Section 9 of the Bylaw (Ice Allocation), which staff commented there would not be a problem as the charging rates for larger user groups are equal to paying an adult rate.

Results: Council has moved forward with recommending the adoption of the 2.6 Arena Policy, and giving three readings to the Arena Fees Bylaw 1241, 2022.

Vanderhoof Cultural Centre Operating Policy
When discussing the Cultural Centre’s Operating Policy, Council asked if the Vanderhoof Arena has ever been rented for free. Staff noted that previous rental requests have usually been followed through with. Council questioned if renting the VCC for free could fall under the Grant-In-Aid policy, and also noted the benefits of having the Centre free to rent to encourage public events at the Centre.

Staff noted that the Grant-In-Aid policy only has one intake in October, but that the policy could be reviewed or that user groups could request that Council waive the policy.

Results: Council has moved forward with recommending the adoption of the 2.7 Vanderhoof Cultural Centre Operating Policy, and giving three readings to the Vanderhoof Cultural Centre Fees Bylaw 1242, 2022.

Council In Committees

Department Reports
Council received and reviewed the following department reports:

  • Building Permit report
  • Fire Department report
  • Meeting Decision Tracker report
  • March 2022 Accounts Payable report

Community Services Department Report
Staff noted the positivity felt on having people back in the facilities. Council asked about the outdoor ice rink, and staff responded that they receive a number of calls requesting flooding for the outdoor ice rink, to have the lights turned on at the rink and that residents had thanked the District for being able to use the rink. Council thanked Community Services for supporting the community engagement initiative.

Public Works Department Report
Council asked about moving the Airport Atco trailer. Staff mentioned that once the ground is thawed, the trailer will be moved and that the trailer met all requirements for setback and accessibility. Council asked to see a plan prior to the trailer being moved.




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