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The Nechako River

The Nechako River is accessible by a boat launch located at the southeast side of the bridge, across from the Riverside Park entrance. Wilderness Rec Guidebook Trails & Tours Guidebook

White Sturgeon Conservation Centre

The White Sturgeon Conservation Centre is a breeding facility designed to help stock the declining Nechako River sturgeon population. The Nechako white sturgeon is the largest freshwater fish in Canada and has survived millions of years (since the age of the dinosaurs) relatively unchanged. Today, however, the species on the brink of extinction and this new centre has been created to breed hatchlings that will be reintroduced into the Nechako river and also to be used as a public education site on this fish, its habitat and changing environment through tours. Learn More

Migratory Bird Sanctuary

The Migratory Bird Sanctuary, located on the Nechako River at Riverside Park, is a major migratory stopping ground for thousands of Canada Geese along with many other species of birds including Trumpeter Swans, Northern Pintails, Caspian Terns, and White Pelicans. A definite stop for avid bird watchers and wildlife photographers. The best time to see the highest diversity of birds would be during migration in the spring or fall. Summer months bring about song birds, water fowl, shore birds, and birds of prey in the sanctuary.

Greer Creek Falls

Greer Creek Falls is an impressive 6m high falls at the end of a picturesque forest walk along a well-maintained trail. There is parking at the trail head and a picnic table at the end of the roughly 2km trail. In the summer, bring your bathing suit to swim in the large pool under the falls. In winter bring your camera to capture the beauty of the white forest and frozen water. Pick up a Vanderhoof Community Trails & Tours guidebook and a Nature Guide at the Visitor Centre to help you ID which animals have been along the trail before you – you may be surprised! It is a great all-season place to walk for the whole family. Full List of Trails

Kenney Dam and Cheslatta Falls

Kenney Dam was built in the 1950’s, and was at the time the largest earth dam in the world. Kenney Dam holds back water in the Nechako Reservoir that is used to generate electricity for an aluminium smelter in Kitimat. An engineering feat for the time, Kenney Dam is still as impressive today as it was then. A short distance from Kenney Dam is Cheslatta Falls, a spectacular waterfall into the uppermost portion of the Nechako River. A maintained picnic and camping site is located just south of the bridge over the Cheslatta River, or hike down the 1.2 km trail from the road to enjoy your lunch with a view of the falls. Take caution on the trail, as it can be slippery from the mist of the falls.

Wildlife Watching

The agricultural and forested lands surrounding Vanderhoof offer excellent wildlife watching and photo opportunities. Enjoy an afternoon exploring our quiet rural roads, or take a drive around Loop Road to look for Northern Harriers or Merlins hunting for lunch, or deer munching grass alongside herds of cattle and horses. For larger game, drive one of the many gravel logging roads to watch for moose, black bear, grizzly bear and other wildlife in their natural habitat. Be sure to pick up the Nature Guide book from the Visitor Centre for tips.

Big River Country

In the Dakelh (Carrier) language, the meaning of the word Nechako is ‘Big River’. We invite you to explore our Big River Country south of Vanderhoof for a true wilderness experience. This region covers a largely unpopulated wilderness area of 22,500 square km from Vanderhoof to Tweedsmuir Park, and offers some of the best freshwater fishing opportunities in Canada. Big River Country is home to wilderness resorts, lodges, and retreats, so there are plenty of places to stay, relax, fish, hunt or simply enjoy the abundance of wildlife.  These resorts are popular, so be sure to book your stay in advance.
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