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March 21, 2022Council Highlights – March 14th, 2022 Regular Council Meeting

Watch the March 14th, 2022 Regular Council Meeting
Council Meeting Video


Regional District of Bulkley Nechako – Application to UBCM Community Emergency Preparedness Fund
The Regional District of Bulkley-Nechako (RDBN) has requested the District’s support in its application to the Union of British Columbia Municipalities Community Emergency Preparedness Fund – Emergency Support Services grant on the District’s behalf.

Result: Council supports the RDBN’s grant application on the District’s behalf. Additionally, if this grant is successful, the District of Vanderhoof agrees to the RDBN managing the grant and being the recipient of all grant funds.

Chamber of Commerce – Letter of Support for the NDIT Marketing Initiatives – Waiving of Arena Fees 2022 Trade Show
The Vanderhoof Chamber of Commerce has requested the District’s support in their application for the Northern Development Initiatives Trust (NDIT) Marketing Initiatives grant. Their grant application will require a letter of support for their “We Are Open” campaign. The Chamber also requested that the arena policy fees be waived for the 2022 Trade Show, which would be hosted in the Vanderhoof Arena.

Result: Council supports the Vanderhoof Chamber of Commerce’s application to NDIT’s Marketing Initiatives grant for the ” We Are Open” campaign and directed staff to write a letter of support. Further, Council has waived the arena policy fees for the 2022 Trade Show.

Nechako Valley Exhibition Society – Request for Letter of Resolution
Nechako Valley Exhibition Society has requested support through a letter of resolution to their applications to the Province of British Columbia Community Gaming Grant. The Society will be applying for funding to go towards their 54th Annual Nechako Valley Exhibition Fall Fair and to fund the 2nd Annual Agricultural Learning Series.

Result: Council supports the Nechako Valley Exhibition Society’s grant applications to the Province of British Columbia Community Gaming Grant for their events.

New Business

Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 1238, 2022
A zoning amendment application has been received from the Nechako View Senior Citizens Housing Society to rezone the property located at 2727 Riverview Drive from RR1 – Single-Family Residential to R3 – Multiple Unit Residential. With new updates to Local Government Act legislation, the holding of a public hearing for this rezoning is not required if the bylaw is consistent with the Official Community Plan. Council would still like to hear from the public regarding this rezoning.
Result: Council read Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 1238, 2022 a first and second time and a Public Hearing will be scheduled in April.

Development Variance Application – 3500 Hargreaves Avenue
The property owner for 3500 Hargreaves Avenue has made a development variance application requesting to waive the requirement for sidewalks. Also, the applicant is requesting variance of the maximum length of a cul-de-sac from 150 metre to 195 metre to accommodate the new proposed development.
Result: Council approved the development variance permit application for 3500 Hargreaves Avenue

Video Surveillance Policy
Council has asked staff to install a video camera at the rainbow crosswalk located at Victoria Street East and Bute Avenue. Prior to installation, a Privacy Impact statement must be submitted to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner for approval and a Video Surveillance Policy must be adopted. During this meeting, Council expressed the need for certain measures to be met that will provide evidence whenever the crosswalk has been vandalized, and the importance of vandalizers being held accountable as they have deliberately hurt a portion of the District’s residents through their actions.
Result: Council directed staff to provide the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner with a Privacy Impact Statement and draft a Video Surveillance Policy.

Grant Application Resolutions
Council supported the District of Vanderhoof applications to the following grants:

  • Northern Development Initiative Trust – Economic Development Capacity Building Application


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