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Drug Paraphernalia

Unfortunately, the sight of drug paraphernalia is becoming more common in Vanderhoof. While District staff will attend and clean up sharps when reported, it may be necessary to clean up the item yourself, especially if it is found in a high-traffic area or where children may be present.

If you choose to clean up the item yourself, please do so safely following these guidelines:

  • Treat all needles, pipes, and other drug paraphernalia as contaminated.
  • Wear gloves (i.e., latex, nitrile, rubber, leather gardening glove). Note: Gloves are meant to protect against fluid contamination, not punctures or cuts.
  • Use tongs, pliers, or tweezers to pick up the item, if available. Be sure to clean and disinfect the pickup instrument afterwards.
  • Pick up needles by the plastic end (barrel), pointing the needle tip away from your body. Be very careful not to poke yourself with it!
  • Place a non-breakable, puncture-proof container with a lid (i.e., thick plastic bottle, glass jar) on a stable surface next to the item.
  • Place the item into the container. Note: If the item is a needle, do not force the needle into the container, and do not hold the container in your hand, or between your knees or feet, while placing the needle inside.
  • Close the container securely.
  • Find the nearest designated sharps disposal location (i.e., Vanderhoof Arena washroom, Riverside Park or Ferland Park men’s washrooms, Museum Nature Trail parking lot trail head (by OK CafĂ©), Vanderhoof Tourism and Cultural Centre, Vanderhoof Library (outside the back door), Municipal Office, St. John Hospital).
  • Do not flush needles down the toilet or put them in garbage or recycling bins.
  • Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer after removing gloves.
  • If a needle injury occurs, wash the area thoroughly, let the wound bleed (do not apply pressure to the wound), and seek immediate medical attention.

If you see sharps or other drug paraphernalia in our parks or around town, please notify Public Works by using the button below.

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